Olympus Precast Window Wells

Precast window wells are a smart addition to a home. After all, these precast products will not only support and protect the windows—they’ll be the primary view from that perspective. That’s where the strength and beauty of Olympus Precast window wells make an idea solution.


Window wells from Olympus Precast are made from concrete— just like a home’s foundation. They won’t move, warp or fade over time. Unlike aluminum window wells, they won’t buckle or shift. And they don’t experience UV damage from sun exposure as is the case with composite or fiberglass products.


Owell precast window wells may be tough, but they’re easy on the eyes. You can choose from a smooth finish or attractive stone patterns. Natural concrete provides a neutral background that helps reflect light into your basement. Or, the products may be stained to match a home’s architectural look. Olympus Precast window wells may also be customized to fit non-standard windows, or even multiple windows for an unobstructed view


Olympus Precast window wells are similar in price to fiberglass and composite options. But only concrete offers the strength, durability, and aesthetic longevity that will add to a home’s value over time. We can install them in a matter of days (no need for extra contractors) to keep your building project timely and cost efficient.