Verti-Block Retaining Wall System 

For retaining walls and other landscape projects, nothing stacks up quite like Verti-Block. Unique in size, shape, and flexibility of use, Verti-Block is an ideal solution for residential and commercial projects alike.  See the video here.

Unique size and design

A hollow block measuring 2’ x 4’ x 3’, Verti-Block is perfectly proportioned for the most popular types of landscaping projects, including gravity walls up to 14’ high - and even higher when reinforced. Its hollow design makes it easy to handle and is more cost effective than small, solid blocks. Plus, it is much more practical than extra-large retaining products; Verti-Block is the only solution offering the advantages of hollow blocks at this convenient size.

Engineered for strength

Even more appealing, Verti-Block is incredibly strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking design. Featuring a tongue-and-groove style connection, Verti-Block units ensure you’ll get a secure fit with the correct amount of setback on every installation.
Even in poor soil conditions, Verti-Block can be stacked higher than other blocks without the use of tiebacks, geogrid, and while using much less backfill.

Click here download a free copy of Verti-Block's Design and Analysis Software.

Perfect for landscape projects big and small

Verti-Block is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects including residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks, back yards, and more. Unlike large blocks which become unwieldy and cannot accommodate tight curves, Verti-Block is designed to add interesting dimension to any landscape while securely retaining earth.

A look like no other

Beyond its structural purpose, Verti-Block is a favorite of property owners for its beautiful rockwork look. Only Verti-Block showcases a 5-inch depth of relief, hiding joints, and making a finished wall appear more like stacked stone than any other block in the industry. Plus, Verti-Block is easily stained to complement its surroundings with a beautiful, weather-resistant finish.