Substation Enclosures

Inherently strong, Olympus Precast’s precast walls are a preferable option to chain link or wood fencing.

A practical choice for public utilities

The walls can be built to a height of your specification not only to conceal facilities, but to protect them as well as the residents in surrounding areas. Also, our precast fences are incredibly durable and low-maintenance, so you can be certain that your substation enclosure will stand safe and secure without need for repair for many decades to come.

An attractive option to residents

In addition to their strength and solidity, Olympus concrete walls are an attractive option—in more ways than one. Like all of our precast products, Olympus Precast’s panels come in a variety of beautiful designs and custom coloring to enhance the local area. Neighbors of these facilities as well as passers-by will appreciate the aesthetics as well as the wall’s effectiveness as a sound barrier, when applicable.