Commercial Fences 

Getting attractive and affordable fencing used to be a trade-off. The expense of custom masonry or rockwork can be prohibitive to many, while affordable alternatives like vinyl fencing, wood, or chain link don't deliver the durability or look desired. Now with the Verti-Crete  wall systen you don't have to settle.

A fit for every project

As Utah's exclusive producer of the Verti-Crete fence system Olympus Precast fences offer the unmistakable beauty of masonry along with the unbeatable durability of precast concrete. Our fences are available in a broad variety of masonry patterns, so you are sure to find a pattern that complements your development’s design aesthetic. Refer to our project gallery below.


Our fences are much less vulnerable to the destructive effects of freeze-thaw cycles than other fence options, which means that your fence will last longer and require minimal maintenance.

Fast Installation

Another major benefit to the Verti-Crete  wall system is that the efficient design configuration allows us to install our fence in a fraction of the time that is required for most other fence options, which translates to less construction time and lower costs to you.
Also ideal for commercial applications surrounding parking lots, utility structures, recreation areas, and more, Olympus Precast concrete walls give a beautiful, high-end appearance to every type of building.